perjantai 13. kesäkuuta 2014

We were dancing a tango in the moonlight

It creates inner peace, balance, harmony, 
when allowed to rest in the valley 
love, enjoy a drop of the cup of gratification. 
I looked up at the window I like the space, 
I create out of the world of the wild longing. 
Lips of honey invites others, 
I currently only in your arms rested. 
We were dancing a tango in the moonlight, 
people were so safe, warm. 
Kissed anger of the street lamp. 

For nothing you asked for my forgiveness, 
it is what you are, you are to me 
just perfect on top of this country. 
A man without self-esteem, full of 
meat, wisdom, strict conscience. 
You have not yet found a way for yourself, 
you do not own your consent, it is the world of 
to increase the distance. 
You would get to learn from me the serenity peace, 
a feel for how the storms in my arms calms down.

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