torstai 12. kesäkuuta 2014

Universiumin in the womb

    The earth in the womb of the universe, 
    at the time the child was floating in the water,
    the beginning of the ocean. 
    Did not come from the sperm of wind eggs. 
    Sparks hit the rocks thundered March 
    thunder, a flash. 
    Who was the father, who is the father of the mother country, 
    the troubled daughter. 
    It is disputed here, the father of 
    issue threadbare. 
    Evolution, or God, the need for 
    solution for the dice to reading. 
    Paradise in case of breakage, 
    Adam disappeared somewhere. 

   Eve in the heart of man was to go to the hole. 
   There is no other man, a hole to fill, 
   that the fragments of humanity, bringing 
   the heap, and looks good to one another, 

  Fluke, random encrypted hit. 
  Gavel extrusion-Ring skull, 
  space our country playing football. 
  Feel the wind vane side, it has a wide territory. 
  Northern lights in their magic, 
  the broad mountain, mating season. 

  Mother Earth what is now the umbilical cord to grow, 
  whether the wind egg, or whether there will be a new world?

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