perjantai 27. kesäkuuta 2014

Inside you is a treasure

      I will go unten open plan infinity, 
     veil as a blanket for the night. You're living in other worlds, 
     you do not see yesterday, tomorrow you 
     will not get the light to shine in your life. 
     The caravan of longing come to pave the way, 
     where is the authenticity of the lips 
     where the undiscovered wilderness? 
     I'd take your hand, if you for some 
     from the depths of your soul once again I could find. 

     I know how you love something,
     if I could find it again within you. 
     I would be light as a fairy tale, 
     it is the sense of a poem might be scratched. 
     Inside you is a treasure somewhere where you lost it. 
     A strange fog of despair in your eyes today, out shine, 
     continue to travel on weekdays, you lives on other worlds. 
     It is a quagmire, and I find there boardwalks, 
     the joys of you, I miss, sigh wistfully.

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