tiistai 10. kesäkuuta 2014

Love is the meat

   Tamed performance under fatigue loading rotated love
   a couple of the sheets of the bed, to which a couple of the lack of
   has hit the rose scented washing powder label.
   I am thinking up to the whims of, where is thy
   courage? Not a shy man served on gold plates.

   Bold brisk Reinos, they take the love of country
   all of the parting.I'm sick and tired of dumb men cry.
   You are like a fairy tale emperor without clothes.
   I'd like to descend upon my hips, love, and light moonlight.
   Love is the flesh, the lust against the areola.
  The holding hand , and anger of kissing.

   Hungry for the joy, you can hide one second.

   I wish I had you, I would have loved to dryness alive.

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