maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2014

Taxable citizens of Verona

Taxable citizens of Verona in my dream 
dancing with Juice Leskinen. 
What is the text of yesterday, which is tomorrow '? 
The shackles of the world we soften 
we know how to suffer. 
Unarmed Athenians, the ring Racks 
boxing rings, we point the ghosts 
as our forefathers did. Until then, here 
fight, in the summer Hurman 
I smell the fragrances. 
Where hath the distant road, 
paths to create a page there still a human being. 
I listened to the singing of the evening with a friend, 
I could feel the love of friendship 
just until heated. 
Today, I'm here now, and tomorrow 
turbidity in the middle of my eyes is already lit.

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