maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2014

The dream road

I dance to the early morning mist in the poem. 
Return to everyday life, it is a little lengthy, 
when the morning star my hair for a long time to ride. 
I'll get you, I felt the burning love, 
increased its power through the light years. 
I was like Elli Venus, 
are you the son of Saturn, and knew it was 
through the meteor rain, did you know 
Space storm, the road of repentance. 

We sat together for a moment on the arm of the moon, 
and space in many bright eyes looked at us. 
Somewhere far away from the bright craving score, 
peeping curiously us. Dream road leads 
again until the morning. The silence whispers in my ear, 
have to go back to the top of the bed to sleep. 
Point again, morning comes, and to ascend them. 
The day I wear a cloak of oblivion again.

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