sunnuntai 22. kesäkuuta 2014


Proud to be a wooden fence next to the chest. 
Was this man, crooked as a corkscrew. 
Wanted to fight from the sun, 
to try their luck in the rich mansion 
So the easiest way would be to get the thigh 
along the estate, and the physical existence 
the prince. 
It was not a mansion lady with beauty 
ruined, it was formless as a rake silicon. 
No it did not matter much help experimenters. 
Not a man, rule the roost muckraker. 

Proud to be a breast man stood astride, 
smiled, and stood in the imaginations. 
He was strong as an ancient oak. 
Hay straw chewing his teeth, 
and his eyes shone a mischievous irony. 
Thought in mind it is not the maiden 
anyone else not get, if I.

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