torstai 19. kesäkuuta 2014


   This will be followed by the words of the 
   repentance wipes her claws large a sheet. 
   Longing for a grandfather clock rate 
   quietly ticking. 
   Silence, it whispers in my ear, 
   a sentence of two. Oh reaches the 
   Midsummer, and the door of the birch trees 
   Parade line up to dump. 

  Dancing inside the soul of a lonely 
  the bird of paradise, the tail 
  sway like a woman 
  without a man without love. 
  Midsummer, and his magic again 
  makes it a wise witch. 
  Shall, without the allure of a full, 
  burning incense scents the air, 
  rose, bird cherry and jasmine. 
  If necessary, provides 
  smelling the smell of sulfur, 
  Click the parts of his fingers 
  down from the sky to create 
  the crackling lightning.

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