keskiviikko 18. kesäkuuta 2014

Towards Midsummer

Where is the young girl who Midsummer 
Fragrance woman gets to grow? 
Where is the boy who first love to steal? 
Somewhere hidden in the dark night of dreams, 
fallen asleep under the stars a rumpled blue velvet. 

The time to wade in the waves of youth, 
Time has its own place to realize. 
The time to live, give birth to life, 
suffer losses, to be angry, to tread 
feet as the wicked witch. 
The time to feel the love of storms, 
and see the star from flying. 

The time to bend the knee pain in the trough, 
crumbs in tears, when combined with the 
the most expensive in the world was lost. 
No woman is the weaker vessel to be 
part too much, he gets to experience, 
lose, and to love. 
Fits up just to the last, 
until the time of jasmine flowers fall 
Finally grave dignity.

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