sunnuntai 15. kesäkuuta 2014

Sorry again said Mr. Crow

   Croaked, vaak, vaak said Mr. Crow, 
   apologize for what I am, 
   I wasted your future. 
   Peacock wanted to woo me, 
   asked out on a date boastful, tail feathers 
   brandishing a woman. 
   I am Mr. Crow, I'm sorry I'm the same, 
   more than a dozen of my flock. 
   Do not rotate the feathers in front of me. 
   Sorry again said Mr. Crow, 
   I can not possibly be your partner. 
   I admire you, and I apologize. 

  Peacock rise from the ashes, hid shyly 
  head feathers, and his love toward the crows 
  at the same time. Mr. Crow, asked for forgiveness, 
  who knows a number of occasions. 
  Peacock proudly walked away, 
  so as not to be in love with you.

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