torstai 26. kesäkuuta 2014

Growing Pains

When the wind, 
and feelings of too much spin. 
Then it is time to take 
some closed, 
until it is calm again. 
today, around 
floats infinity. 

loneliness exceed 
the news network. 
Pizza serves a friend 
the other, I will eat a piece of it. 
I'll start it after a day of work. 

Stories of magical feelings, 
the vanity of the world's monitors 
princess looking glass Cinderella's shoe. 

Prince to build a fence Sinkkola, 
I'm lost in their own thoughts. 
I grow tomorrow at the Virginia creeper, 
infection of the soul firmly to the wall. 

There is a small woman faces her husband ever, 
love it hidden deep shyness 
robe drapes added.

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