keskiviikko 25. kesäkuuta 2014

I am a semi-dry orchid

I am a semi-dry orchid, 
moss moisture crying. 
Come on, wet and me 
Refreshing water, 
I get to go first. 
Just like this summer 
longing to the arch of the bridge 
the way to build your dreams. 
Yesterday, I was up late, 
the night was full of nostalgia. 

Now it's morning already 
long ago the sun rose. 

No one has ever been like you, 
No one can never be like me. 
Soon changes to the month of July. 
The last Wednesday of June, 
I remember that cold in summer. 
A lone bird's nest. 
Light arrived in the morning, 
the poem he wrote to his friend the heart. 
The night for already dusk fell. 
More beautiful day to you 
stretch out, on a silver platter 

Curtains have broken cloud, 
these lonely summer mornings. 
They still remember the warm 
when darkness hits 
window box packing case 

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