sunnuntai 22. kesäkuuta 2014

Natural Child

A friend of mine wipe away the tears, 
yes you for a moment with a song 
I get happy. 
These rhymes dissonance, 
they will create a rusty tone. 
Soon you will feel you are, 
a strange tone to a strange vibration, 
playing perverting the vibrato. 

The year with them, 
songs brought a strange land. 
They are air-colored when he is gone, 
which made ​​him smile a strange vibration. 

Song I do it a deep dark water; 

troubled lapping. 
Longing homeless camp 
I have a natural child-like. 
Woman as the will-o'-the-wisp, 
fire just dance 
at night under the pallid moon. 

I sing a song like fever, 
voice out of the mouth of the mighty
men beard fascinating. 
When out of the darkness of the night is lost, 
and the morning star in the sky to fall asleep. 
Then it disappears for a moment of enchantment. 
Arriving at the rain, and the camp-fire 
returns to pining away. 
Still, I am a child of nature, 
I travel for my day dancing.

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