maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2014

Earth Voices

Tells the country, the Voices, 
axis and time is running again. 
A gift of love belongs only to Veenus? 
A clown in the circus arena. 
When will you have time for laughter or tears? 
Leena wrote a poem clown grieving, 
it is a poem inside of the hollow echoes from the vessel. 
My inner geek whispers, 
Go on, make me laugh, 
people have tears in different countries. 
Dancing through life's field, 
Life can be a pain, joy, love, 
cosmopolitan influences from countries. 

I despair in the middle of a small faint glimmer of light 
may be reflected from the tunnel. 
How little I know it, and how much I lost. 
Love is measured in thimbles, 
Even so, and the wind got a grip. 
Now is the last Monday in June, 
and the July sweep gets a broom. 
I can not for a moment as a human wolf 
howl of pain out towards the full moon.

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