perjantai 13. kesäkuuta 2014

I want you to be just collector's item

I like the old straddle carrier female, 
more and more passionately grows. 
I birch frame weaving, 
saithe strong winds attractive. 
It's hanging in there, calling, 
prey, and I miss a lot of time 
than the summer night sky creates a mist 
veil lace border. 
I swung the tail of a moment, 
rhythm of the night to music. 
Then he looked at me, which I love, 
and I felt my heart a tarantula dance. 

Now the sky ylleen grow cotton candy cloud, 
and the female is like a daddy-longlegs Juulia, 
which Roomeoa expect. 
Too beautiful summer night in March, 
I love the eyes of the world 
I hid away, and my network of dance 
lantein the swinging. 
I want you to be just 
collector's item, not to play with a doll, Barbie. 

I preys on men in my life, which I love, 
one that will stop himself devalued by the. 
Does not ask all the time, I'm sorry that I'm like this. 
You do not have to not have to do, you deserve 
true love.

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