keskiviikko 11. kesäkuuta 2014


      Today, the faces of the people, 
      is a stark lack of concern. 
      of the good Samaritans 
      Too much needed. 
      We hardly empathy here 
      end of anguish. 

      Through the glory and freedom of conscience, 
      I crawled with poor condition. 
      On the trail of the Finnish war hero, 
      Lauri Törni the backbone of the 
      had a direct, full of power, 
      and patriotism. 
     Out of the scenery, visible from 
     there is no point in our modesty. 
     World news for completion by the 
     sheer hypocrisy. 
     I will write you a mantra, 
     the world in my blog fans. 
     I write six languages​​, 
     I show my feelings, and what I think. 
     I've learned to forgive myself 
     to this writing 
     created the utopia. 
     As well as the limitations of our weak 
     the backbone of the power of the human being.

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