lauantai 28. kesäkuuta 2014

In his footprints

  I climb on top of a great loneliness of the mountain. 
  I go there feelings about the latest, sometimes boredom 
  hits the nail through the outer shell, zip through the skull bone. 
  Sometimes the soul is ruined difficult to take care of himself, 
  insist on it. 

  Mark my words this morning comes out at the seams, 
  they are like the wine, start with the soul against the wall 
  increase. So I have a lot of friends, but 
  sometimes the loneliness of the clamp grip too tight a soul gets. 
  Maybe I'll call someone a friend, but in general, 
  I think living as a hermit excessive power may be. 
  Saturday create chips troubled waters of Lake Pielinen, 
  I am there with you in my dreams you were rowing. 
  I scream mad cry tomorrow, and in the field 
  while my words away the pain of creation. 
  I step into a glass add Juice Leskinen footprints.

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Juhani Juice Leskinen, before 2006, Pauli Matti Juhani "Juice" Leskinen (19 February 1950 Juan Rapids - 24 November 2006 in Tampere) was a Finnish singer, musician, songwriter and author.

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