torstai 19. kesäkuuta 2014

Childhood Midsummer

Birch branches on the veranda, 
Granny's song is playing everywhere: 
Birch branch high 
made a finch's nest, 
Tiritiri teijaa sang all summer. 
Nurmes township birch pages of memories 
smells again. 

Grandfather's pipe smoke in the air so quietly 
create smoke signals. 
Let's be folded with grandma be answered, 
and full of abundance is stomachs. 
Skein of seven different type of flowers, 
under the pillow and hid it, 
the dream of a young maiden tomorrow. 
So blue, and white 
is the sky above the township. 
I feel once again a childhood bliss, 
I go back to childhood memories. 
These old-style parks, 
inner child again passes. 
Swinging skirts, seesaw, and fancies. 

Grandfather's wooden boat ribs in the sun, 
shiny again, and the open sea gull soaring. 
So we fished together again, 
Grandpa and the little girl's a weakling.

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