maanantai 16. kesäkuuta 2014

Thirst for life

          Too many words left to rule, 
          are good, the expected and needed. 
          My words too often get stuck in the throat, 
          my conscience a lot about fairies get angry. 
          Jumping inside me angrily, 
          that restful sleep at night I do not get. 

         The letter-by-letter words are written, 
         give rise to sentences of stories. 
         One little girl's dream, was that the 
         when you grow up he'll grow into a writer. 

         Now I'm looking for some lost time, 
         maybe it was lost, therefore, that spoken 
         I do not what I wanted to say. 
         Today, I feel a longing and regret 
         thirst for life. I just can not anymore 
         be humble, and to apply for your friendship.

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