maanantai 23. kesäkuuta 2014

Jealous woman

   The paper will seduce me 
    corner diner at the table 
    It is intended napkin. 
    The astral atmosphere 
    hanging over the 
    the people above, the author 
    try to tame it. 

    Write in words 
    sentences. The words roam 
    hand draw a line in the paper. 
    Divided into columns for words. 

    Jealous drunken 
    woman comes to the stammering. 
    Yes the writer is ugly, 
    old, and actually numb. 
    To pour my coffee on a napkin, 
    my poetry has been destroyed, 
    and it is time to 
    change places, to take the time. 
    Count to ten and calm down 
    of the world in these villages. 
    To change the thoughts of the child 
    be like, sit in rocking 
    the mother's lap.

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