maanantai 30. kesäkuuta 2014

In restless dreams night

Acrid smoke burning creates karma, 
India's body returns to the pyre. 
I swam in a stream in a dream 
The Ganges river among the corpses. 
The water smells the stench of 
on my skin even after the sleep. 

Man with such a half-woolen visit 
the road to cannibalism, he 
to get the taste of man, when the 
Satan challenged him to an IQ twist. 
What a dream, a true lie, and polka 
my dream is dancing psychic paranormal. 
I was given the horrors 
a man's tongue, lips moving in know-how. 
It brings to mind the desire to eat a human being, 
it desires can never be 
I think that to be true. 

Sleep on the altar is so easy to 
change the story, and hand groping 
another sleep nightgown 
hem to hold a steal. 
It's a dream about love, 
an interesting man, 
take me to your world. 
I am not in a dream blue, 
when the Amor waste your love. 

Export finally this morning 
weird and wonderful world of dreams to the ferry. 
It wakes up inside a writable person 
and through the weird and wonderful ideas, 
they take on the sly to cannibalism 
I fly my room.
I wonder how moral rules 
taught man, and the woman 
under the rule of a man was subjected to.

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