tiistai 10. kesäkuuta 2014

In a harmonious life

    He was firmly on the band on bass, 
    who always breaks flies, 
    angrily killed. 
    His guitar, he, without pity, 
    then assaulted, and oppressed, 
    and unashamedly preying on women. 
    Last night I saw her again, 
    saw at the guitar.
    He gently nodded to me. 
    During the break, attacked me, 
    said: tell me where wise 
    will be, where will learn harmonic 

    And I said, stammering, 
    need to increase virtual 
    over the top of the hill. From there you can see the 
    how the moon bows to the sun. 
    So if its peace 
    your heart is, then the world is yours. 

    Some migrate to India, 
    bathed in the Ganges 
    see a vision of the goddess. 
    I just get up on top of the hill, 
    I can see from there down to the valleys of the Koli. 
    So I get in to a harmonious life.

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