lauantai 28. kesäkuuta 2014

Chain reaction

At one missing is the know-how, 
how to hover for a moment at the core. 
To give up surfing the waves of export, 
float lightly in tomorrow. 
Around to see the face of suffering, 
be empathetic, without the honor of fishing. 
Here, best of all worlds in relation to hunger, 
live human people. 

I am writing, and I close the eyes 
Destitute own self-interest's sake. 
A pittance children his livelihood, 
I hope by writing a book 
doest alms some kind of penny 
dissociate from the buyer. 
Sell ​​my words, they do not 
not think of any worth. 
Its neighbor to decide, 
and a casserole in front of the rich, 
satisfaction belches. 
He may have been spiritually poor, 
do not my words do nothing. 
What could the poor man used a cliché? 
I ask it now, and I expect an answer in vain. 
Still I care to write next year 
the next book?

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