torstai 19. kesäkuuta 2014

Thursday's poem / photo challenge Thursday's Midsummer

Take me up the stroller intense running. 
Intoxicating aromas of summer, while the head, 
race smells like roses and jasmine. 
I'm also still a girl of frost and ice. 
I am an aging woman named Anni Domini. 

Strong rock is beneath my feet, 
my poetry and my songs echoing everywhere. 

Faceless longing echoes the world's roads. 
Words flight, melodious cadence; 
mid-summer-night bright light being. 
Researching the magic fairy dust, 
I photograph what others do not 
eyes of defiance. 

Reality, and the fairy tale of the time gate. 
Jack of spades, and Anni Domini, lanterns 
create an enchanting, the Midsummer 
After the nights start to become discolored. 

My songs hovering over St. John's night, 
Karelia hillocks may be an echo. 
In one night of enchantment, not words 
faerie wings of a summer night dance.

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