maanantai 19. elokuuta 2013

Neon light as snakes prey in the night

Has taken the wind out of the scents of the day, Neon light as snakes only  prey in the night.
It is mankind never been in a cage moves like hamster wheel.
He will do anything, when the money is spread fragrance in the air. So messed up on the brain, full head.
He sacrifices of sheep, lambs. The lure can rob a bank.

As above try again noon, while the tower at some time hit.

Now, hit them in, eat, take the spoil, the streets are full of life. Now, enjoy the madness, and the children of the world, their hunger for fathers. Stomachs swollen with hunger they do not mean anything.
You just want all the money, Mammon, and the only power in the world dominates. And the coin in the collection, give it a moment to silence the conscience.

It is the wind brought scents of the day, and I guess with the last reason.

Only neon light as snakes prey in the night, and offering saloons, deep cellar bars want alive to constrict.

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