lauantai 10. elokuuta 2013



The Spirit is strong, and rendering scarce words
sufficient to create a large world.
I limping next to you I
tomorrow. I want to grab your hand,
to go with you to the first autumn rain.
My joy in my life, no time to eat,
even though the scythe woman ankle badly hit.

August, and the city of Joensuu is
at my feet, I walk the streets.
Red Ponchos great.
Joensuu is a city where the rain
still used in rubber boots.
There is still time to the moment when the
I travel snowy streets.
Then the Sointula my way to take,
there is a set of empathic people.
Sointula of this song the lyrics do.

@ tanninen satu

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  1. Tankeros englantia, joku voisi ystävällisesti tehdätästä kunnon käännöksen. Suomeksi on alempana samarunoni.