keskiviikko 21. toukokuuta 2014

Where to fly the nightingale

He's a man like the devil looked at me, 

like cheap sausage was inside of despair bells ringing. 

As the energy consuming hunger, 

she sucked my soul, joy, light and power. 

A slew from within it, the sound of the nightingale in the last.

There is only this moment here, and now the rainbow 

the sky is out of the disappeared. As early closure of 

the curtains of the most beautiful paradise, Eve the tree of 


apple seized. Snake ear, the words 


whispered. Adam shed the paths of many women got 

Created a secret life, married women as concubines. 

Bog hoe, and Jussi salary received. 

People born juniper wilderness warriors,

brother fought against brother. Home Fuel whiskeys from 


Jooseppi kitchen and tasted. Oh sweet, Finland's country, 

no water in the beach beloved. Where is the branch of the 

the last freak, singing in the world 

the most beautiful sound, where the nightingale to fly above 

my head? 

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