sunnuntai 11. toukokuuta 2014

November winds

November winds, dry lips in need of moisture .
You re wondering now, I have been thinking shyness .
Nov. impossible to control , in the streets passing woman
lonely too stubborn to admit Our love .
He would be willing to shyness far away to push .
The world holds dark, raining , wet water.
Serene peace without haste. longing for summer
the midnight mist , love, lust moisture.
Here in the darkness I can see everything better ,
when the sun is not too much to dazzle this world.
Gone are the days of the rays , in the world now, the kingdom of darkness .

I'll leave the window open a crack , it is a refuge for small
days of the beam to come inside my room.
It is a small numb body arcs of wool .
I'll make a steaming hot chamomile tea .
I know the darkness in the middle of that I have my wings
strong increase in the air , a good carrying capacity .
These days of darkness conceal hidden love.
They give a lot of joy to us , if you are able to take
the veil of darkness edge. even then, can
to dream, to the wild as wild wine , you can have a realistic
or drown in my dreams . It's melancholy can be a quagmire ,
if you 're not going to create my boardwalks .
My grief , it may burst into bloom the most beautiful ;
words to change the song, the darkest Finland's .

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