maanantai 26. toukokuuta 2014

Chance of arms

butterflies dancing 
mazurka in the lap of the rain, 
death defying. 
What are the forces of power 
against the battle 
nature, and between human beings. 
I am like a free bird in a cage, 
I'm flying within the bars 
too restless. 

Mother Earth, tits ride 
nymphs fearful night, 
the beautiful sea horses 
timidly beneath the waves of the sea 
they could dive in the morning. 

Aphrodite's son lives in my soul, 
storm clouds at night she beats 
lightning. Now the dark horizon 
is, the morning very unpredictable. 
I will bring up the wings of rain-resistant, 
once the air gets, 
Today is the day 
when the lightning hit gets wild. 
Today, there are storms.

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