sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2014


      What do you get to see tomorrow's children ,
      for us it is always a great puzzle .
      What they saw any of the old generation ,
      battlegrounds here in Finland , it is a heavy millstone
      too many memory on the stand is .
      It is here today, hunger for new castles,
      unemployment , and tight surfaces .
      Nations karaoke weekend to go hiking,
      or means of escape , and Tom listen.

      Tero at night with hounds roam ,
      from a warm place to sleep , they get together .
      They are a homeless couple of the host, and the dog ,
      Noljakka a familiar sight , the two of traveling.
      So many cars are switched Noljakka
      the fire in the evenings, when darkness encircle
      the house to the sea.
      My heart cries when metaphorically blood.
      That's it in a fire in April
      Teron was burning all your clothes.
      Arborvitae is a warm heart ,
      he or she meets all of the principles of friendship .
      Know how to help the other ,
      offered tea, clothes , and sympathy.
      Thank you for such good friends that are
      walk the path of my life is controlled .

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