lauantai 24. toukokuuta 2014


Fear is the best weapon to fight at all. 
A by-product of armaments 
will destroy the planet shit. 
Another star at a point in time we go. 
Our eyes hungry people 
we will close tightly. 
The ribs of the hungry, 
shine out in the middle of flies. 
Money-raising activities in houses of clay, 
in which they live in hopelessness. 

Tomorrow a new day again, 
I write a poem about the morning at six o'clock. 
Africa rhinos in March, 
Repeat-it sang, 
to obtaining more and more news advertising 
people in the dark. 
Hungry, they are sitting somewhere, flies flying around them. 
Finland country fight over horse meat, 
the bread queues are shared. 
Kurrjuus so we eyes closed. 

Labels with our eyes tomorrow traveled. 
I am writing today just bad news. 
Finland does not have the wild rhinos, 
just a fight over the horns of the parliament. 
citizens in their homes 
just playing with buttons.

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