perjantai 30. toukokuuta 2014


The inspiration for pouring in, go through the brain. 
I stand at the life of a shy altar. 
Loaded my knees in humility, 
I humblest of the humble. 
Pan into the fire, and sometimes crawl to a ditch, 
I humblest of the humble. 

I have never been to the middle class into the 
drowned, I'm just at a young age 
the artist's blood-fired 
sleep forever. 
Shyness robe for decades 
I dressed, finally won it 
rabbit hiding shyness. 
I'm not beautiful, I'm easy, 
I'm so personal. 
The World's Woman, man's brain that 
outfitted. I was a long time ago 
was subjected to, I stood on the 
feet to stand on. 
I do not need the support column 
I miss my side 
weak or noble man. 
People which I like the most, 
to share my life, my side of the true human being.

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