torstai 15. toukokuuta 2014

The contours of the self

               May the words of my life I'm looking for 
            last love story. 
            The words to phrases in each of the sequences increase, 
            such as a mouse ears 
            birch in the spring position may be. 
            I am little by little the way of my life 
            last journey. 
            Today is a moment when I miss, love, 
            heart and much heat, and light. 

                  The contours of the self, they are 
                  very stretchy concept. 
                  Drape yourself in sentences, they 
                  are like wearing a toga. 
                  Without them, I'm naked, 
                  speechless, absolutely speechless. 
                  I have so many things, 
                  creative words, emotions, smells, 
                  from many different countries.

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