tiistai 27. toukokuuta 2014

Feeling as if a tornado

   Today, I can hear my heart speak, 
    nude its message is, 
    while the heart to love, 
    the longing of the guitar playing gets. 
    Too naked, my heart is 
    I want to hide the emotion out of it. 
    Softly he whispers your name to you, 
    This day took off her off for a while 
    my protective mask. 

    Tomorrow to wear, while its not. 
    Today we still have a few moments, 
    when the sky gets rain 
    beautiful hazy utopia. 
    Summer Wind the end of May 
    sway, not feelings 
    to row, but you felt. 
    Not in my life will never go 
    the way I want. it was a moment 
    always arrives unexpectedly, life 
    a sledge hammer hitting nails. 

   Someone will feel like a whirlwind, 
   pull the rug from under my feet. 
   It's a desperate anxiety, 
   feel strong, the awful, 
   or nano-seconds of awesome. 
   In the chaos of life, I 
   something out of writing. 
   I want the basement, safe from tornadoes.

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