sunnuntai 18. toukokuuta 2014

Towards June    

    Heart to understand when the spring battle
    incoming summer season will be lost.
    It is out of the snow, ice, and rain drops ,
    beat out his own tunes.
    I did not hear nothing , can not see the light
    dazzle , and the songs of the birds ears vibrate .
    Then for a moment I would like to be the only
    a leaf so small ,
    silmulla beginning , and absent
    is all leather.

   Ruins of a temple to the self ,
   collapsed walls.
   To live in a woman, submissive to the world .
   Looking ahead, why I stayed less than
   collapsing dreams ?
   It is , I ask myself , I can see
   yet how the sun rises as the ball
   stinkin ' garbage dump .
   Land it is like football,
   and the woman's head like a maze .
   Tomorrow , it's a mystery ,
   the dark attic .

  This year it is June,
  It is hotter than
  no other.
  Not thinking if nothing is
  and the storm swallow faints from heat .
  The place I am free from the sky ,
  Hell is other countries .
  Still, the heat rising from asphalt
  the horizon. I write it
  mist up, change the text
  another font.
  I'm such a geek moons ,
  Happiness Giideoni , Sinkkolassa
  20 days of May.
  But there's no choice ,
  Other thoughts may be swept away in a broom.
  My head just inside of a solid bone,
  still go towards June.

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