keskiviikko 14. toukokuuta 2014


Comfort, consolation, I found 
Now the mother of the uterus. 
There quietly sneaked into 
at night to hide from the world. 
All of the world of sleep 
power comes from the old man, the supreme god. 

Section storms 
a thousand beats a flash. 
Birch yard splits, 
pieces of wood hit. 
Then the son of man must rest, 
start to the world of dreams, and the rest to night. 
Now rocking a cradle in, 
children in a small shake. 
Name is Luca, 
mother tell me over there 
comes to who? 

I listen to the wind singing 
songs, I can hear 
the waves of the sea. 
Night against the wind for us 
dream rock mass. 
Towards the horizon, 
ship of our children, 
takes us to a safe 

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