torstai 15. toukokuuta 2014

The stone in the stone

The stone on top of the heart,
heavy weight forever.

Applies to tighten the slit,
hardly anything to cheer,
endless pain.
The stone hearted woman,
just a genuine Finnish.

Pain on top of the worst hit,
when it is midnight,
and insomnia strikes again.

Sometimes it will turn off the light off
your soul to the sun.
On top of being overwhelmed by the weight of the stone,
Seita Stone magic of persecution.
Witchcraft will then take the reins,
mood crawls ditch bottoms.

After some sad character
nyyhkii inconsolably.
Then turn off the tears
a never-ending stream,
into the darkness blacker is
coexistence of the fabric reed.

The stone on the chest press,
happiness of the world is only a loan,
He would like to be dead.
Change in the compost.
Sometimes I get my rest,
and mark my grave stone.
The stone in the stone, it is
brief written life
of human beings. When born,
what was the name of,
the date of death, of course.

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