torstai 29. toukokuuta 2014


   I stand on the street after the chaos, 
   make sense of this moment I need. 
   My mind somewhere in the crowd 
   feet left, it was then someone Thursday. 
   People running away, the loneliness I farm 
   in my soul. Who hermit nature 
   put inside me? Yes, No, Yes, No, 
   my mind who took the pawn shop? 

  This messenger is now needed, 
   who is wise, the best word says, 
   he must seize the hermit's hand; 
   and life on the road across the street to a lost 
   must not lead the blind. You asked where are you going, 
   why do you stand on the street corner 
   like a lost sheep? 
   I said, because the world 
   It is one big schedule 
   dominated my hand, I am a little 
   happiness among stole, and suffered from 
   as judged otani. 

   Like a diamond, 
   and rust, so are the irrational 
   ready to give opinions. 
   I left my sanity a long time ago, 
   barricade of life, that's why I need 
   very wise, wise friend.

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