lauantai 3. toukokuuta 2014

I look forward to my wages

       Arrived at a set of the power of darkness, besieged, 
       suppressed by me, turned off the beam in the last days. 
       Now I'm on the road again, the beginning of the sea to rest, 
       and the silence in the law of karma tit for tat all the rewards. 
        Evil or goodness of what I did in life,
       I look forward to earning in trembling, begging for mercy, 
       I want my sentence alone, I did. 

       Like the great poets, the words of magicians, 
       one wanted to be too. 
       Peoples of the world forces went in, 
       ears of any hearing, and their eyes open. 
       I wrote up the evils, ills of life. 
       I got lost in the paths of love, sometimes for a moment 
       I let go of the hand, my angel all know. 
       Here today to kneel in front of you, Lord, 
       Creator of all things, 
       I humbly beg for mercy, and pray, 
       who is still sticking my hand in front of the 
       the death of the gates in the past.

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