maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2014

Towards the summer

Longing for the better, summer, waiting, 
the veil will fall around my shoulders. 
Spring melancholy inside me to grow, 
gossamer mist sleeps under the never-never land. 
Dreams of sheers
to my eyes, they will create a mirage, 
which invites a refreshing oasis in the center creates. 
This year, the exceptional 
fickle spring, it may still be 
proper wintry weather for us 
here for a second that one. 

Rainy mornings, creating a dripping futility, 
rain drops if it is dropped or window sill 
create a new tone. 
Can one day be like the whole of life, 
and life can be one day ahead. 
The bridge is visible, and invisible 
stories of the world to grow them. 

I fight feelings of tilting at windmills, 
I write the world, 
it is the pain of life, relieve a moment only.

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