perjantai 23. toukokuuta 2014

Scents of summer have hidden in my room

Scents of summer have hidden in my room, 
the scent of rose couch. 
Take up against my side the most beautiful 
echoes from the cliffs of life. 
Gone is the fear, 
grassland at the foot of the peace 
weaves the boredom network. 

I wonder, I wonder frivolous. 
Exhale is also unlikely to 
I fear not loudly. 
Overall, this beautiful 
I forgot to life. 
What is emptiness, 
the hollow center of the brain thinking, 
devoid of emotion? 
The winds too much between the ears 
let the air 
Now it is today. 
The silent auction, 
violation of boredom 
crippling hiding place. 

I've lost the ability to 
to entertain myself, 
of refreshingly find solace 
words in the jungles. 
The words are gone, 
the wild flowing flux 
is dry. 
All the words are already 
ready for the stories.

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