maanantai 8. joulukuuta 2014

I want to still live

I want to still live,
will dazzled the moment.
I want to enjoy life,
as a light fun trip.

I want to be immortal,
as the Odyssey,
mythical figures related.
I do not want to be such,
Now, as to them.
Despised writer,
too lonely.
Secluded, and stubborn.

In December, melancholy,
inside ones are brimming, floats,
soul child in the water.
I walk through a dark tunnel,
the brightness of light, it is where?

All my love, either
I gave to the world,
either all written
inside me out of it?
This will pass in the tunnel,
I am a ray of light,
a glimpse looking for.

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