perjantai 26. joulukuuta 2014

The winter under the rule of

I will continue in front
of the crossing of the
although the world is large
I'm not afraid of the dark,
I light my window
many candles.

Frost on the ground,
as well as ice.
By your side trip
I will continue tomorrow.
I am here in the dark,
the melancholic
friend. he beside me
looking for the following summer.

That friendship is the great
love, timelessness.
The mere souls symphonies,
to compose for now
new tone.
Ring may be a natural dowry
a large organ, then she shall
under snow in the valleys, ravines.
For a moment now to forget
I get heartaches.
I walk by your side, your side
is still a little cold. .

I hope to find
join with a friend,
the only, the
Cuddle up with
under a blanket of winter common.

I press the mitten in the snow trail
This cuddly, I look forward to
light of new birth.
Spring is in the new, next.

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