keskiviikko 17. joulukuuta 2014

It's that easy

I feel sorry for the feeling it
whether the sign is weak?
Inside, I find the man hesitating
the heart, it is a wild
beats in the darkness of the night.

The radius of the day, he died
melancholy, a cave troll.
Casket of the deceased, is
light key, it is buried
below the earth. in spring
agile mole it up
while digging.
I am in the middle of the polar night
bite my nails, my skin I eat.

Crescent has so
time of the year in the sky.
I'd like to see you again,
its bright star belt.
I remember what it feels like
to be a child of the Northern Lights.
More memories of childhood
inside out to dig them.

So easy it is with his fist
innocence to break,
and oppressing the unfortunate.
The widow, a poor,
to steal bread, and labor.

Sometimes it is in my head for a quiet,
are rhymes, chords,
brain folds inside
out of the shock hits.

Have already Christmas.
solitude like to
Wrap yourself in a moment.
I sleep, I rest, hunger entry
something to eat.

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