lauantai 20. joulukuuta 2014

The feeling of freedom

O that I could wings
increase on the back,
that I could fly
far up, stand up
air cloud veil.
It would not be there for the pain,
the pain of the world, I
inside me a feeling of peace,
strong and comforting.

The feeling of freedom,
on the night I dream of hope.
Now you speak hope,
it will be the biggest dream.
High dreams will fly,
above the sea of blue.

Heart pain feeling is,
a feeling of peace the pain away
took far. It is a feeling
as Christmas peace,
open-air markets in the world.
Silence creates its own
great atmosphere.
Join forces with the chorus
the children of the country, I have a bridge
you build words.
It is the bridge carries up at the clouds,
you can ascend along
the rainbow.

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