tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014


Self pity sometimes
people like
lasso to rotate.
Over-tightening the loop
the skin surface formation
new laced into shape.
I am here in the cradle of Mother Earth
swing, I am a child of the world.

My own child here in the cradle
swing to give birth.
This is one of the pulsating
rhythm cycles. where
is logically him,
where intelligent head?
their own karma
I guarantee period,
wheels here in the same circle.

Finnish winter to decorate
always the same frost, and ice.
I walk in those own
words, rhymes Chime
dances. And starlets
to find the rest on the spot
the. to grasp the hand
warm soft.

For some always arrive in grief,
continuous purgatory,
I have a tin of shoe.
It tin heart
burden once melted.

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