torstai 18. joulukuuta 2014

Good night

Emptiness hoop, it tightens
my head around it.
I do not say yes to the world,
night longing for the arc to bring
on top of the arch of heaven.
I will build a floating
the relief in which the distance
I do simple unto the ends of the island feather.

Allow time for me to grace the key,
I use it like Solomon.
I open wisely locked gates,
I play with caution life
playing cards. The future,
it is a dark haze of the night
above the Arctic Circle.

I say dream kingdom
point, yes, hug
the coverage of the pillow I dream
embrace. My dream all
buried, the seven seals below.
The only one who is able to comfort me,
has been rejected
by the child's cuddly teddy bear.

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