maanantai 22. joulukuuta 2014

In the darkest day

The count of stars in the sky above the snow drifts,
so great, and the cold is an open space.
Today, once again, turns off, turns on a star
uljain neo. They are the only eyes kekäleet
the darkest day of the year. I again today
I make a new tune. Time moves on,
the snow in the middle of a troll living in the country of gnomes.
I am a soon-extinguishing, the last day of the radius,
in December alone in the cold I am.
Winter is the time for the cold lap of love,
the long winter ahead. crystals in February
Winter edges of the eaves of the queen to install, then
while love may be blinded the hearts of land.
I disturbed sleeping in the lap of the winter of love,
too early, too early.
Who are you I do not know who I am, I do not understand it.
I just know it's time to frost flowers, those ice roses.
Sorry, enter, if your feelings do not carry well in the cold.
It has frozen wings, and the angel of heaven in December
singing jazz at the Hosanna.

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