keskiviikko 31. joulukuuta 2014

New Year

Before you go
this night to sleep
maybe I'll tell you
the story of real life.
In the wild jungles
of winter streets.
Now there is no longer time
from fairy tales.

It is better to always
recognize if the second
knows how to love.
I never care
speeches of people.
I am such a
your charisma worthy.

Accept it or not,
my peace of mind
it can not be moved.
Some of the friends of love,
whom I have confidence in
carries with it.
I think she live happily ever after
Valentine gets.
The love unlimited,
New Year you wish.

The point is midnight at the time
past is
the last day of December.
January new point
morning, night clock, clock.face beats.

Will you come to me at the time
when the time is its wild longing.
Is that clear to you,
I do not want to be a slave to the whims.
I am no longer young,
I am flexible, I do not graceful. you will see the
always with a smile,
you laugh with joy.
I try to be cool,
,very discreet.
Maybe my time in the shadows
the step is?

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