tiistai 9. joulukuuta 2014

Youth on my skin

Youth on my skin it screams still even
The average age of storms hitting the ship's bulwarks above.
And the longing is a lonely woman's lap.
I miss the heavenly treasure to discover.
Next to ring the firmament anthems
condolence space with songs, as well as people.
On this night the angels mixed choir from my dream
I awaken, I feel great resource to feel
longing and regret.
I miss my friends beside me strong.
Give life a new opportunity that will carry
far away from us tomorrow. Now I can see the brightly
heart, all the emotions of a boomerang-law to me
return again. The moment my side to everything
remove the darkness, because I have the power of miraculous.
Friendship and loneliness side by side with them
rise to rebel against the middle of the winter frosted.

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